Senior Care PACE: You can't have eyes on patients 24/7

Care3 for PACE

Care3 for PACE

Hello Care3 community. Last year we started our PACE3 newsletter  profiling stories about common challenges of delivering community-based care to your senior citizens. We at Care3 have the privilege of speaking with PACE organizations across the country and by sharing these stories and best practices we aim to improve the lives of your participants and their caregivers.

For our first installment of 2019, let’s recap how Care3 fits within your care delivery model. On average most participants visit your center 2-3 times per week, leaving them in the care of informal caregivers far more than in the direct care of the interdisciplinary team. This is the “PACE Blindspot” where you have no timely information about, or control over, what happens to your participants.

Care3 has developed the first mobile communication and planning application for care delivered outside of the PACE day center. The Care3 platform has successfully demonstrated that PACE staff and participant family caregivers will use Care3 for messaging about care and tracking care tasks delivered outside of the PACE center.

“Care3 has truncated the provision of service, the communication of that service to participant and family, and the documentation of that service down to minutes from days” - PACE Senior Administrator

With Care3, PACE programs are improving participant and family satisfaction, reducing ED visits and hospitalizations, and generating savings.

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