PACE3: Ready. Set. Share.

Hello PACE3 community. We’ve heard on several occasions that the future of PACE will require technological innovation to meet the goals of PACE 2.0. On February 11, 2019, CMS issued a proposed rule that would drastically improve interoperability and patient access to critical health information. Adopting the information sharing requirements of this new policy will help you seamlessly extend the PACE care model to more populations and achieve PACE 2.0 growth.

“We are seeking ways to use CMS waivers to expand our capacity to use community-based primary care providers to attract and care for new participants” 

- Senior Vice President of Senior Services

As new participants are enrolled, expanding the PACE model to new populations, you will need to increase your ability to share relevant health information with all providers and caregivers who touch your participants. PACE 2.0 calls for new relationships with community-based primary care physicians and specialists who are not part of your program to drive increased enrollment. However, to create a well coordinated and helpful experience for your participants you will need greater interoperability between your in-center systems/processes and anyone caring for your participants outside of the center.

To meet PACE 2.0 goals, interoperability of systems will be key to success.

To meet PACE 2.0 goals, interoperability of systems will be key to success.

Incorporating the goals and objectives of the new proposed Interoperability and Patient Access rule with the initiatives of PACE 2.0 will cement PACE as the leader of community-based care for our most vulnerable populations. Contact us to continue the conversation and see how Care3 can help you meet your PACE 2.0 goals and be ready for any new information sharing regulations.

PACEDavid Williams