A Solution for The PACE "Blindspot"

In our last installment we spoke about the PACE “Blindspot”. The time when your participants are most likely to be out of compliance with their care plans and at a higher risk of an ED visit or hospitalization. But when your participants are not physically in front of you, how do you know when to intervene to prevent these negative events?

With Care3 your program can influence, track, and measure the care delivered at home.

Key Care3 Action Planner Features

  • Alerts and notifications to trigger early intervention when important care tasks are missed

  • Link care tasks to assessment goals and objectives to measure progress against plan

  • Activity reporting by discipline to gain visibility into the care that was actually delivered

Key Care3 Mobile Features

  • Care tasks are sent as intuitive Action Messages, which can be accepted by all members of the Care Team including participant family caregivers

  • Receive helpful notification reminders for accepted care actions, new messages, and updates to the plan

  • Create Incident Reports to alert care team members of significant events such as falls and hospitalizations

“Care3 extends your PACE program beyond the center and into participants’ homes.” — PACE Center Administrator

Care3 has been proven to engage staff and participant families while collecting the critical data you need to keep your participants out of the hospital.