Senior Care PACE: Convenience Increases Engagement

Think about how often you send or receive a text message. Messaging is the most common form of communication on mobile devices. Why is this the case? Messaging is convenient for both the sender and receiver. After all, we are far more likely to pause our busy days for 30 seconds to respond to a message, than we are to find the uninterrupted time to place a phone call.

So, what does this have to do with PACE? Since you cannot have your eyes on your participants 24/7, and most negative events leading to a hospitalization occur at home, family caregivers are your essential partner in keeping your participants living independently. Like you, family caregivers are busy. That’s why they turned to PACE for help. Messaging is a simple, convenient, and an accepted form of communication for you and your participant families. 

Care3 Mobile App Key Features

  1. HIPAA-Compliant Messaging to conveniently keep everyone in contact reducing email, phone calls, and handwritten notes

  2. My Actions Calendar to quickly see daily caregiving responsibilities and individual care task detail

  3. *NEW* Incident Reporting for participant families to notify/alert the IDT when a fall occurs instead of hearing about it after an ED visit or hospitalization

  4. *NEW* Symptom and Vitals Tracking to help you monitor changes in a participant's health status

“I like it because it is a FAST communication tool” - PACE Social Worker

“Families find it easier to request refills” - PACE Medical Assistant

Care3 has worked with your peers to build the first messaging app for PACE. The Care3 mobile app has been proven to increase engagement and satisfaction of participant families and IDT staff.

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