Engagement Is The Future of PACE

Hello PACE3 readers. We hope to see you all at the 2018 National PACE Association Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon. This year we will be sponsoring the Opening General Session Keynote address from Kimberly Campbell. Her story highlights a consistent theme we’ve discussed throughout the year, the importance of your relationship with participant family caregivers.

This installment of our series will focus on how to better engage family and community-based caregivers to give you greater influence over care provided outside of the center.

Maintaining influence over care delivered to your participants outside of your center is essential to the long-term success of the PACE model. Throughout our many conversations with you, we’ve seen that your hard work, dedication, and creativity can result in workflows that address this strategic imperative. From phone calls and voicemails, to sticky notes and unsecure text messages, you and your teammates are doing wonders with the tools you have. But what if there is a better way?

“Care3 has truncated the provision of service, the communication of that service to participant and family, and the documentation of that service down to minutes from days” - PACE Manager

Working with PACE, Care3 has developed the only mobile solution that helps your program influence care delivered outside of your center. If you are attending this year’s NPA annual conference, be sure to visit our booth to learn how Care3 can help your program strengthen your most important relationships, share and track all care activities, and provide longitudinal reports to identify critical gaps in care.