Finally An App for PACE

Research has shown that high-quality communication between care team members and patients and their families has a positive influence on patient health outcomes.  For instance, how does your team know when a participant needs to be brought back into the center off schedule? Or, how do you alert a family caregiver of a change in medication?

Care3 has developed the first mobile communication and planning application for care delivered outside of the PACE center. The Care3 platform has successfully demonstrated that PACE staff and participant family caregivers will use Care3 for messaging about care and tracking care tasks.

Key Care3 Action Planner Features

  • Digital action plan that can be updated and shared in real-time

  • Alerts and notifications to trigger early intervention when important care tasks are missed

  • EVV-ready reporting at the activity level, including location and assigned caregiver to ensure services are delivered

Key Care3 Mobile Features

  • HIPAA-compliant messaging to conveniently keep everyone in contact reducing email, phone calls, and handwritten notes

  • Incident reporting to conveniently document events such as a fall

  • Symptom and vitals tracking to help you monitor changes in a participant’s health status

“Care3 has truncated the provision of service, the communication of that service to participant and family and the documentation of that service down to minutes from days” - Senior Services Manager