PACE3: Make Home Care Services a Strategic Advantage

You can’t keep your participants in the PACE Center 24/7, that would defeat the purpose of the program after all. But what happens in the time between center visits when your participants are at home? This is the greatest risk in the PACE model, but it doesn’t have to be.

In our last story we discussed making home care services a strategic advantage. The first step towards improving the quality and effectiveness of home care services for your participants is to modernize the workflows for these services.

Care3 Action Planner Key Features

  1. Digital action plan that can be updated and shared in real-time

  2. Alerts and notifications to trigger early intervention when important care tasks are missed

  3. EVV-ready reporting at the activity level, including location and assigned caregiver to ensure services are delivered

Care3 Mobile App Key Features

  1. My Actions calendar to quickly see daily caregiving responsibilities and individual care task detail

  2. HIPAA-compliant messaging to conveniently keep everyone in contact reducing email, phone calls, and handwritten notes

  3. Searchable conversation history makes it easy to see how care decisions were made and to access other important information

“I like it because it is a FAST communication tool” - PACE Social Worker

“Families find it easier to request refills” - PACE Medical Assistant

When your workflows depend on voicemail, faxes, and paper, avoidable negative events will happen. That’s why Care3 has been working with PACE to improve the accountability and efficiency of home care to reduce the chance of an event leading to an ED visit or hospitalization.