PACE3: NPA Annual Conference Wrap Up

Hello PACE3 readers. Care3 had the honor of attending and sponsoring the 2018 National PACE Association Annual Conference in Portland, Oregon last week. This convening of 700+ people dedicated to helping seniors live in their homes while receiving outstanding medical care revealed several keys to success and the future of PACE (Program of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly).

As outlined here in a recent blog post by Care3 CEO, David Williams, the key learnings from the 2018 Annual Conference are:

5. New PACE programs are coming!

We can certainly expect this trend to accelerate with the new relaxed regulatory environment for PACE nationally.

4. PACE has a “blind spot.”

It is difficult to know what is happening with participants once they leave the center, and programs are putting effort into getting clarity into what happens outside of the center.

3. Gifts don’t always come wrapped with a bow.

We have to pay attention to our loved ones and how they express themselves because sometimes, the smallest items can be the largest gifts.

2. PACE is "radical"

  1. PACE is concierge care for the disadvantaged

  2. PACE is steadfast through end of life

  3. PACE serves Communities

  4. PACE addresses Social Determinants of Health

  5. PACE operates in Non-hierarchical teams

1. Communications between staff, participants, and family mean everything. 

Having a strong relationship with open communications can improve satisfaction and impact outcomes. 

"We believe everything in healthcare can improve with better conversations and we are committed to using our platform to make it easier for your programs to connect and collaborate, while reducing the “blind spot” by illuminating what happens outside of the center with your participants." 

- David S. Williams, CEO & Co-Founder of Care3