Senior Care PACE: Track All of the Care Delivered at Home

Knowing what care is being delivered to your participants should not be a mystery, after all they have a care plan. In our last installment we discussed some of the challenges with the care planning process, specifically how to measure progress against goals and objectives. We at Care3 believe that the first step to measuring progress is to convert the care plan into an Action Plan. An Action Plan itemizes every task that needs to be done in support of your participant’s care plan.

Since most preventable hospital admissions and ED visits result from events that occur in the home, shouldn’t your program have greater visibility and influence over the care provided in the home? Together with PACE, Care3 has developed the only platform that helps you influence, track, and measure the care delivered at home.

Care3 Action Planner Key Features

  1. Provide Action Plans for team members who do not access your EHR ensuring that everyone knows what to do for your participants

  2. Link care actions to specific goals and objectives to measure progress against plan

  3. Activity reporting by discipline to gain visibility into the care that was actually delivered

Care3 Mobile App Key Features

  1. Care actions are sent as intuitive Action Messages, which can be accepted by all members of the Care Team including participant family caregivers

  2. Receive helpful notification reminders for accepted care actions, new messages, and updates to the plan

  3. Securely share photos, video, and audio recordings about participants’ care

“Care3 extends our PACE program beyond our center and into our participants' homes." PACE Program Administrator

Care3 is the innovation you need to improve your care planning process and provide your program with greater influence over the care delivered in your participants’ homes.