PACE3: When Care Plans Fall Apart

Welcome back to PACE3. In this edition we will discuss a challenge we often hear about from the PACE community — the care planning process. Specifically, the challenge of knowing what care was actual provided to your participants. Here are some insights from our conversations.

“We use Microsoft Excel for care planning. I know, I know….” PACE Center Manager

“Our current care planning solution isn’t scalable and our program is experiencing rapid growth.” PACE Program Administrator

“We don’t track care that’s delivered in or out of center. I’m afraid we will fail our next CMS audit.” PACE Program Administrator

Existing planning solutions, be they specifically designed for PACE or an Excel spreadsheet, do not track care as it is being delivered. In other words, you have no way to easily track progress versus the goals and objectives of the plan. Further, none of these systems are able to track care provided in the participant’s home. Not only does this result in a more burdensome assessment and audit processes, but it makes it very difficult to adjust a care plan between assessments.

Care3 approaches care planning differently by transforming your traditional care planning into action planning. Care3 Action Planner itemizes a plan’s care tasks and includes participant families as part of the care team so you can track all of the care provided. With Care3, everyone will know what they need to do and you know what care was actually provided to your participants.