NC PACE: Working Together Wins!

Hello PACE3 Community! We are proud to announce that Care3 is a Gold Sponsor of the North Carolina PACE Association, and we are looking forward to seeing you at this year’s annual conference in Charlotte. PACE is one of the few areas in healthcare where everybody actually works together: the IDT, family caregivers, and participants. As it happens, this is also the theme of the conference - Working Together Wins.

In previous installments we’ve spoken about the PACE “blindspot”, the time when your participants are at home out of your direct care. This is also the time when you are most likely to learn about bad health events too late to intervene. Since the PACE model encourages everyone to work together, imagine how many fewer ED visits and hospitalizations there could be if there were no blindspot?

“I am hearing from families that we never communicated with before” - PACE Social Worker

Care3 has been successfully deployed in PACE, and has been shown to reduce negative health events through improved communication and increased caregiver engagement.

To see how Care3 can help you reduce ED visits and hospitalizations, visit for a quick 3-minute demo.