What You Don't Know Will Harm Your Participants

When was the last time a participant had a fall or other event in your PACE center that led to an emergency visit?

If your program is like most, that doesn’t happen much in the center, but happens at home. The data is clear: incidents that require emergency visits and hospitalizations are the greatest risks to positive outcomes and financial viability of PACE programs.

So, what are you doing to gain insight into and influence what happens at home? Knowing what happens at home can reduce these negative events. But if you don’t know what’s going on outside of the center, your participants are at higher risk of harm and your program will have to cover the cost of more emergency visits and hospitalizations. Thankfully, there’s a proven solution to this problem.


Welcome to Care3.

Care3 is the proven communications and planning platform that helps your IDT plan what happens outside of the center, getting alerts with care tasks are not complete so they can intervene to avoid emergency visits and hospitalizations.

With Care3, you get:

  1. Better engagement from participant families and IDT staff (90-100% in pilots)

  2. Higher care plan adherence outside of the PACE center (68% increase in task completion at home)

  3. Daily alerts notifying your IDT if care plan tasks are not completed outside of the center (results show 5% reduction in falls leading to ED visits and hospitalizations)

  4. Weekly and monthly reports on care plan adherence, symptom severity, and incidents (e.g., falls)

  5. Proven ROI when applied to your PACE participants (projected 20x ROI).

The Care3 5% Guarantee

Care3 guarantees your program will reduce falls by a minimum of 5%. Think of what that would mean to your participants. Think of how much more successful your program can be just a 5% reduction in acute care costs each month—or roughly $600 per participant per month. Care3 guarantees these results.

It’s time to take control of what happens outside of the center, just like you control what happens inside. Care3 can make that happen for your PACE program.

To schedule a 30-minute deep dive, email us at five@care3.co.

PACEDavid Williams