ANNOUNCEMENT: Care3 Is Now Karen!


We have huge news! After completing a major upgrade to the Care3 platform this summer, we realized the system was much more than we originally set out to build. Now you can simultaneously communicate securely, collect personal health information, and instantly share it with loved ones. The result is that every new piece of data added to the platform helps you know yourself in a new way; but when connected with your care team, gives you access to improved care. The result is the world’s first health journey platform. Welcome to Karen.

Track your health. Know yourself. Get better care. Welcome to Karen!

To celebrate this achievement, we chose to re-brand the platform as Karen in honor of our founder’s mother and her health journey. We encourage you to read more about who Karen was and why we her journey defines the platform name. But right now, what does this system upgrade mean for you current Care3 members? Here’s what you do:

  1. Log in to our new web experience at

    • Click the Login button in the upper right and use the same username and password you used with Care3. You will find videos and tutorials to help you discover the new features.

  2. Download the new Karen Mobile App (iOS and Android).

    • Log in using the same credentials you used with the Care3 mobile app. All of your data is retained in your Conversations.

    • Please delete the old Care3 app from your phone. It will no longer work, but your credentials and data are retained with the new Karen Mobile app.

That’s it! You will see new features with the familiar look and feel in the app. The website has powerful new features and includes an upgraded simpler planning module.

Both the website and app are fully synced and give you more ways to track and share your health experience, share it with family, friends, and your care team.

Track your health. Know yourself. Get better care. It’s your journey. Say “yes” to Karen.

Log in at