Set Up Automatic Symptom Tracking and Medications Reminders


Have your doctors given you symptoms that they want you to track in a log? Pain logs, diet logs, and more? What if you could track them in your mobile app? Now it’s possible.

In addition to the iPhone and Android apps, there is also the Care3 Action Planning (CAP) website you can access to easily set Tracking Reminders for symptoms, vitals, medications or other items for your logs.

Follow these steps carefully to create your automated personal Medications and/or Symptoms tracking log.

care3co home screen 2018.png

First: Log in to Website

Go to and click the “Login” button in the upper right corner. On the next page, log in using the same email and password you use for the mobile app.

CAP Dashboard New Action Plan.png

Next: Start New Action Plan to set up Reminders

On the Dashboard, click the “New Action Plan” button on the right side. An Action Plan is how you set up your Reminders.


Next: Preview

On the “8 Steps to Success” screen, you will notice where you can add different types of reminders. You will complete Step 1, Step 2, and Step 6 for Medications and Symptoms.


Next: Add Your Email as Patient and Family Caregiver

Click Step 1 and add only YOUR email address for patient/client AND family caregiver (the same email address you used for logging into the app and website). This tells the system you’re setting up reminders for yourself ONLY.

Click the “save & next” button in the upper right corner.

Step 2

Next: Add Action Plan/Log Information

On the Step 2 page, add a Title for your log like, “Pain Log”. Add a Start Date and End Date for your log (usually 7-30 days).

In the Problems field, choose the main Diagnosis. Add any other diagnoses and notes in the “Objectives” field.

Then click the “save & next” button (ignore the "Invite" button).

Next: Go to Step 6, Medications/Symptoms

Click "action plan" in the upper left corner of the screen to take you back to the "8 Steps to Success" page. Click Step 6: Medications/Symptoms.


Next: Set Medication Reminders

On Step 6, you set your Medication and Symptom Reminders. Click the “add medication” button in the lower right to start.

Set Morning Reminders by choosing “Other” from the Medication dropdown menu and typing “Morning Meds”. Select the form and dosage.

Add the frequency you’re supposed to take the medication (Once daily, 2x/day, etc.). In the time fields that appear on the next line, select the time of day you want the Morning Reminder to be sent to you in the mobile app.

Repeat these steps for Afternoon and Evening Reminders.

Next: Set Symptoms and Vitals Reminders


To set your Symptoms tracking reminders, click the “add symptom” button in the category (e.g. dysautonomia, cardiac, etc.) in the lower right. 

Select symptoms you want to track from each category from the dropdown menu. Be sure to select the Frequency and Times to schedule the Reminders just like you did for Medication Reminders.

Click “save & next”.

Next: Go To Step 8

Skip Step 7 Appointments by clicking “save & next” on the screen.


Next: Review Your Reminders & Send

On Step 8, scroll down to view your reminders.

Click the “send” button in the upper right to initiate your Medication and Symptom Tracking Reminders in the mobile app.

That's it! You've set up your Medication or Symptoms Tracking.

Note: You will start receiving your Reminders in the app the next day with the title you set in Step 2 (e.g., "Pain Log").