Aging 2.0 Presents Its 8 Grand Challenges in Aging and Care3 Impacts Half of Them


Care3 attended the Aging Into The Future conference in Los Angeles on Friday, March 2. The Aging 2.0 LA team did an amazing job with great programming. Aging 2.0 focuses its efforts on the eight pillars, which they identify as "Grand Challenges" shown in the image. Care3 touches four (!) of the eight Grand Challenges. This is how powerful our platform can be for seniors. The four areas Care3 impacts are:

Care Coordination

Care Coordination is the process by which health care professionals decide what care needs to be delivered, in what sequence, and when for a patient. The more people needed to deliver care, the more complicated the process is. Care3 simplifies this process by creating a collaborative planning platform where all health care team members create ONE plan detailing the actions that they will complete over time. This makes visibility and coordination simple for the healthcare team, but also has one other main benefit--the team can help families know what care to deliver in the home to supplement the care they receive in the community health system. And that brings us to the next impact area....


Families care for seniors when they're not in hospitals and other health facilities. We all have stories about how we cared for our mom or dad as they aged and ran into situations where we didn't know what to do or how to perform some care tasks effectively. Since Care3 itemizes the care tasks that the family should complete for optimal care, families receive instruction and education from their professional healthcare team on how and when to provide care. Care3 improves communication between family and care professionals while simultaneously improving caregiving quality for the loved one.


Daily Living & Lifestyle

Caregivers impact a senior's activities of daily living (ADLs). These include bathing, grooming, light housekeeping, and nutrition. Maximizing these activities helps seniors get ready for the world each day! Isolation can be reduced, better diet decisions drive higher energy, and most importantly, helps seniors remain living independently in their homes. Care3 helps facilitate ADL delivery in the home so each caregiver, whether family or professional, knows how to get the senior to live a healthy and active lifestyle.

Engagement & Purpose

Lastly, engagement and purpose keep us going at any age. Seniors are no different. When the three other challenges are being addressed and met, a senior has many more opportunities to engage with purpose-driven activities. Greater engagement can lead to longer life, higher quality of life and interactions with others. The Care3 mobile messaging app helps families communicate efficiently around health, sure, but it also encourages deep and meaningful interaction because conversations are private and secure. Families can initiate their most important conversations on Care3 and have peace of mind that their discussions are protected. Care3 strives to keep communications flowing between families to encourage purposeful engagement around health.


We've designed Care3 to be inclusive with a senior's life without being disruptive. To learn more about how Care3 can help your care program and/or personal family, visit us at or contact us at Take care!

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