Introducing Care3: Care Anywhere


Caring for aging parents and people with disabilities can leave family and friends stressed, overwhelmed and burned out. Furthermore, as patient care shifts from facilities to the home and community, coordinating all of the care providers is becoming more of a consumer burden. That’s why we are creating Care3, a groundbreaking care coordination platform for iOS, Android and web. Care3 leverages the simple behavior of messaging to digitize, sequence and distribute care plans enabling patients, families, and their professional care teams to coordinate care and assist with activities of daily living (ADL). Here’s how Care3 works:

  • Build your Care Team – Invite those who really care to participate; this can be done by the patient or their proxy caregiver

  • Enter customized Care Plans by diagnosis or situation (e.g. discharge plans)—your health provider may create your Care Plan for you

  • Start a Conversation – A Conversation is where the Care Team uses Text, Media, and Action Messages to communicate efficiently, coordinate care, and implement Care Plans

  • Create Actions – The caregiver Creates Actions and Appointments, notifying entire private Care Team of an opportunity to help

  • Accept an Action – Someone from the Care Team Accepts the Action, which gets added to their “My List” and calendar

  • Complete an Action – The Action is Completed and the Care Team is notified

  • Record doctor instructions and share the audio file with family and Care Team members

  • Add pictures, video and audio to any Action or Appointment


The Care3 platform can be utilized by any distributed care system including home health and personal care aides, case managers, therapists, and others. Care3 truly helps you care anywhere.