Care3 Launches New iPad Version of Family Caregiving App

(Los Angeles, CA) – May 9, 2016 – Care3™, a leading  developer of mobile health technology, is proud to announce the launch of the new iPad version of its flagship care-sharing app. Care3 built the iPad app to be used by family caregivers and professional home care aides when a greater number of tasks are being shared in a conversation.



"We built the iPad app for people who need a little more to appear on a screen at point-of-care. Independent home care providers and care managers have been the most vocal about having an iPad version and we're happy to accommodate as they do God's work caring for our loved ones," says David Williams, co-founder and CEO of Care3.

Subtle user interface differences between the iPhone version and the iPad version highlight greater visibility of actions for care-sharing for those with higher amounts of actions to complete. Care3 works with any wifi-enabled system so doesn't require a cellular phone connection to be used.

Download the Care3 iPad app on the iTunes App Store.

About Care3™

Founded by three former Aetna executives with 30 years of collective experience caring for aging relatives and special needs children, Care3 solves the problem of organizing care tasks, sequencing them for real-time completion and mobilizing so care can be delivered anywhere. Learn more at

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