Care3 Launches New Product Features for PACE at North Carolina PACE Association Annual Conference


DURHAM, N.C. - April 12, 2018 -- Care3™, the world's first team collaboration platform for healthcare delivered in the home and community, is announcing new product enhancements for PACE (Programs of All-Inclusive Care for the Elderly). These enhancements give PACE providers greater influence over the care delivered outside of the center by including participant family members directly in care planning and communications through the award-winning Care3 platform.

"By focusing on how IDT members, family caregivers, and participants interact, we have designed new features that combine engagement and care task accountability," said David S. Williams, CEO and Co-Founder of Care3.  "The result has been 100% participant family and staff collaboration on care delivered outside of PACE centers."

Care3's new mobile app features increase accessibility and ease of use while tracking care delivered in the home.

New Mobile App Features

  • Support for Spanish and Chinese languages

  • Improved in-app tutorials that teach caregivers how to use Action Messages to communicate care task completion in one tap

  • Action confirmations to improve adherence to care instructions

Care3's Action Planning includes members of the participant's family with the interdisciplinary team for action plan collaboration regardless of setting.

New Action Planning Features

  • Structured Problems and Objectives for increased Action Plan clarity and accountability for IDT and family members

  • Real-time Notifications when Actions are not "done" on time allowing earlier intervention to avoid hospitalizations

Care3 has transformed traditional PACE care planning to Action Planning to improve visibility and accountability of care delivered inside and outside of the PACE Center.  Care3 is dedicated to being the digital innovation partner for PACE. Stay tuned for future product enhancements that advance the mission and growth of PACE.

About Care3™

Care3™ is the world's first team collaboration platform for healthcare delivered in the home and community. The HIPAA compliant Care3 platform helps collaborative care programs (e.g. PACE) operate more effectively by driving visibility and accountability for care delivered outside of health facilities. This unprecedented insight enables care teams to intervene to prevent costly outcomes such as emergency visits and hospitalizations. Learn more at, or contact us for a demo at

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