Care3™ Raises $500K to Make All Care Instructions Mobile for Patients and Family Caregivers


(Los Angeles, CA) - April 26, 2016 - Care3™, a leading  developer of mobile health technology, has raised $500,000 from a blue chip collection of angel investors to mobilize paper care instructions including those provided at hospital discharge. Care instructions today are typically paper-based, full of clinical jargon and shared only with patients and not family caregivers. These factors make care instructions difficult to maintain, follow, and implement successfully leading to costly hospital readmissions." Our founding team and investors have been through the situation of caring for someone discharged from the hospital,” explains Care3 Co-Founder and CEO David Williams, “Distributing these critical care instructions via paper is simply unacceptable in 2016."



Care3™ plans to work with hospitals, health insurers, and other health entities to digitize and mobilize their care instructions while also making them more consumer friendly. Care3 will deliver each task step-by-step over their HIPAA-compliant care-sharing mobile app.

"I invested in Care3 because the founding team has both personal experience caring for loved ones and decades of highly relevant healthcare industry experience." explains Jabari Reeves, MD, MBA, a San Francisco-based emergency medicine physician.

Family caregivers can also send Care3 their discharge or other paper-based care instructions to make them mobile for FREE for a limited time. Caregivers simply email their paper discharge plans after signing up for the service.

About Care3™

Care3 founders have 30 years of collective experience caring for aging relatives and special needs children. Care3 solves the problem of organizing care tasks, sequencing them for real-time completion and mobilizing so care can be delivered anywhere. Learn more at