Care3 Stands With Tim Cook and Apple Regarding Consumer Privacy


hipaa compliant text messagingYou’ve probably heard how Apple CEO Tim Cook is taking a stand against the Federal Bureau of Investigation regarding building a “back door” that would bypass the security measures on the iPhone. The FBI wants to access the phone of a San Bernadino bombing suspect to mine for information about other potential terrorist activities. The San Bernadino incident was abhorrent; and as a southern California-based company, we were personally devastated by the events. At Care3, we do not condone any type of terrorism. We do consider the privacy of you and your family’s health information paramount. We stand with Apple on preserving our freedom to privacy without a requirement to allow the US government access to information. Our latest app update achieved a significant security milestone. Care3 storage and messaging meet HIPAA standards for data security, privacy, and encryption. Reaching this milestone means that you and your healthcare team can have the most important conversations, those about the health of loved ones, on Care3 securely and confidentially.

Because the Care3 mobile application is made for iPhones, we applaud the stance from Apple on its device security, adding another critical layer of safety for you. Thank you for trusting Care3 with your most important conversations. And thank you to Tim Cook for Apple’s stand on device security. Together we will help our families securely share data and experiences without the threat of others, well-intentioned or not, to access your personal information.

David S. Williams III

Co-Founder & CEO, Care3