#Care3How2 - Requesting a Ride is Easy


Welcome to our series called #Care3How2! In this series we show you how to do some of the most common care activities on Care3 and why our care-sharing app is far more efficient than email or other mobile apps.

Are you a caregiver who’s trying to do it all? Or a remote family member who’d like to do more – from either near or far? At Care3, we’ve learned that many caregivers would love to have some assistance, but they’re simply too busy and overwhelmed to call around and see who might be able to pitch in. On the flip side, we’ve found that family or friends are often ready and willing to help out, but in many cases, they just don’t know how.

This is where Care3 comes in. By assembling a Care Team that’s connected via our messaging app, Care3 users are able to create Action Messages for help that reaches all team members. Compared to multiple phone calls and emails, a Care3 Action Message is a highly efficient way to put the word out and find out quickly who can lend a hand. Team members can also text thank yous just like a normal text message. Everyone’s involved and supporting each other, whether or not they can help with that particular task.

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So let’s take a look at exactly how Care3 works – in this case, getting a ride for your loved one (or giving it!). Imagine you are a caregiver for your aging father, who lives with you in your home. Your father, who suffered a stroke and can no longer drive, needs a ride to an occupational therapy (OT) appointment on Thursday. The problem is, it’s at the same time as a conference with your daughter’s third grade teacher, and neither appointment can be easily rescheduled. While this would be a stressful problem if you have little to no assistance, it’s easily solved when you have a Care3 Care Team behind you.

Start by logging on to Care3 and tapping the Action Message icon in your Care Team conversation. You will then be prompted to enter all the details that your team members need to know to determine whether they can help – such as the date, time, location, and length of the OT appointment.

Here's where it's super simple. See that check box labeled "Ride Needed"? Just tap that box to add the check and everyone knows that your father needs a ride to the appointment. Add any other important information in the “Notes” section and select whether you want this message to go to everyone or not. (You can also send it to only selected individuals.) Fire off your clear, specific Action Message and receive a notification minutes later that your cousin Robbie can give your father a ride. Send a “Thanks!” message to show your gratitude and smile as you see that other team members are sending their thanks to Robbie as well. It feels good to work together!

Oh, and don't forget to record the OT instructions, either so everyone knows how to help your father, too!

Getting a better sense of how Care3 works? It's time to take action. Download Care3 now!