#Care3How2 - Party Time! Get Friends to Visit Your Loved One in an Instant


Care3 helps you organize your caregiving activities and share them with family and friends who want to help. In recent posts, we’ve discussed how you can use Care3 to coordinate a ride in just one tap using our exclusive Action Messages. Today we’re going to look at how Care3 can help you easily and quickly set up social visits, which can combat loneliness, isolation and depression as well as provide some downtime for you as a caregiver.

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Imagine that your elderly mother, who’s known as Nana, lives with you and your family. You’ve noticed that she’s been a bit down lately. She’s mentioned several times that she has not heard from her siblings or old friends in some time. Even though Nana tires easily, you’ve seen how a short social visit can really lift her spirits. So you decide to arrange a get together for Nana next weekend. As an added benefit, you’ll be able to slip out during the visit to run some errands and enjoy a little personal time. Sounds like a win-win, no? Plus, with Care3, you know you can set up a visit in seconds.

Start by logging on to Care3 and tapping the Action Message icon in your Care Team conversation. You will then be prompted to enter all the details that folks need to know – such as the date, time and location. Add any other important information in the “Notes” section, such as the fact that the visit will be capped at two hours to keep Nana from getting overtired. Then, instead of sending this Action Message to everyone on the team, you may choose in this instance to select just Nana’s area siblings, old friends and former neighbors so that it’s a more intimate gathering of the people she’s been missing. Keep tabs on your iPhone as one or more people accept the Action and your idea quickly turns into a reality.

See how Action Messages can streamline your efforts? Next up on the blog, we’ll examine how you can use Care3 to track appointments.