#Care3How2 - Remote Family Caregivers Power "C-Commerce"


Yes, #Care3How2 has done it. We've coined a new term for remote caregivers purchasing items for loved ones. We call it "Care Commerce" or "C-Commerce" for short. One of the challenges of caregiving is providing assistance from afar. In today’s migratory society, many adult children live in different cities and states than their elderly parents. This can lead to feelings of guilt and helplessness when it comes to the care their parents may require as they age. Being on a Care3 Care Team is a great way to keep family members and close friends who may live in other places involved in the ongoing care being provided for your loved one.

Care Commerce

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What kind of help can be provided by out-of-town team members? In addition to offering answers, support and thanks to those who are the primary caregivers, these members can often take care of the purchase of caregiving supplies and other needed items thanks to the convenience of Internet shopping. You got it: C-Commerce. For example, let’s say your 81-year-old mother lives with your brother in another state and no longer drives. While you are unable to help with day-to-day errands and tasks, you still want to contribute.

Here’s one way. Now that your Care3 Care Team is set up and running, you receive an Action Message from your brother. It appears your mother wants to resume her beloved knitting hobby now that her tremors are under control due to medication. The problem is that her knitting supplies were somehow lost when she moved in with your brother. Eager to help out, you accept your brother’s Action Message by tapping “Accept” From there, you go online to purchase some yarn in your mother’s favorite colors as well as the knitting kit she used to have, which comes with all the needed accessories and tools. You enter your brother’s address for the shipping location, and voila! The Action has been satisfied! Not only have you saved your brother time and money, but your C-Commerce will make your mother feel cared for and loved.

That’s what caregiving’s all about, isn’t it? Caring from afar? Engage in C-Commerce.