Caregiving - Love in Action

Caregiving is not a burden. We believe that caring for someone you love is a love in action. The stress most people associate with caring for a parent advancing in age or a special needs child comes from the uncertainty surrounding changing circumstances, not from the responsibilities of caregiving. In fact, we find that people want to be more involved but are limited often by distance, time, money, or other factors. This inability to contribute leaves many relatives and close friends feeling guilty and helpless. But what if pitching in to help the ones we love was easier? What if we could remove the obstacles time and distance place on our ability to lend a hand or show our support? What if you could make caregiving more social? That day has come.

It's time to change the perception of caregiving. It's time to take action! And Care3 will help you act.

Care3 uses Action Messages to share care tasks with supportive family and friends in your messaging conversation.


Here are some actions to get you started thinking. Each action can be completed by you, or you can get others to help. Trust that others around you want to take action also! Don't take it all on yourself. Share in action.

Example Actions:

• Get/Give a Ride • Visit Your Loved One • Set Appointment • Pick Up Medicine • Research Conditions • Buy Groceries • Help with Activities of Daily Living (ADLs)

It's time for some Action. It's time for Care3. Download now on the Apple App Store!

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