Create a New Smart Health Journal for a Loved One

Create a new Smart Health Journal using the Karen Website

A “smart” health journal automates symptoms and vitals by sequencing what you receive to track each day in the Karen mobile app. Watch the video and follow the steps laid out below. You’ll be tracking in no time and get a full picture of your loved one’s experience with their condition(s).

Note: Creating a new Smart Journal takes 10-30 minutes. Take your time now. It will save you hours of time later!

We have laid out the steps to walk you through setup of automated Symptoms tracking for your Smart Health Journal.


First: Log in to Website

Go to and click the Login button in the upper right to go to the login page. Log in using the same email and password you use for the mobile app.

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Next: Start New Journal

Click the “heart page” icon on the left side navigation bar (highlighted in picture, below the calendar icon).

Setting up your Journal has three pages: Setup, Actions, and Review.

Click the “New Journal” button on the right side to go to the Setup page.

Fill out the fields marked with an asterisk (*).

Fill out the fields marked with an asterisk (*).

Setup: Add Patient Info and Journal Details

First and Last Name: Enter your loved one’s first and last name. (Note, if this Smart Journal is for you, add your name.)

Preferred Method of Contact: In the Preferred Contact Method field, add YOUR email if you are the patient or if you will be tracking on behalf of your loved one.

You don’t have to add Family Caregiver or Family/Friend now. You can always do it later.

You don’t have to add Family Caregiver or Family/Friend now. You can always do it later.

Add any Family/Friends if they will be tracking symptoms and vitals. If not, you can skip. You can also add other family/friends later if necessary.

Journal Title: Add the Journal Title (e.g., Jane’s Health Journal). This Title will appear in the mobile app and website Home and screens indicating where you you can track and add to your journal.

Time Zone: Choose the time zone when the journal reminders will be sent. This may be different from your current time zone.

Start and End Dates: Add the Start and End Dates. We recommend three months in duration. This will give you enough time to get really good data and charts. Note, Smart Journal durations must be shorter than one year.

Click “save” to go to Interventions.

Click “save” to go to Interventions.

Problem and Objectives: Choose the main Problem (diagnosis). You can only choose one. Add any other diagnoses in the Objectives field along with what you want to achieve by tracking these symptoms and vitals.

Professional Team: Only complete this section if you are a care professional or if you have permission to add care professionals to your Journal.

Once you’ve entered all of the Setup information, click “save” to go to the Actions screen.

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Actions: Add Symptoms and Vitals to Track

On the Actions/Interventions page, scroll down past the header information summary from the Setup page to add your Symptoms.

Symptoms: Click “add” in each group to see what Symptoms and Vitals are available. There are several groups so make sure you review each one to make sure you are tracking exactly what you want.

Start - End Dates: These dates are for the individual activity. The default is the duration of the journal. If you want to keep those dates, simply leave them. You can NOT choose dates outside of the Journal date range.

Frequency: Select how often you want to complete this action. Note: If you choose more frequent than once per day, you can also add the exact time of day you want the tracking Reminder to be sent.

Don’t forget to click the “save” button on each symptom.

Don’t forget to click the “save” button on each symptom.

Outcomes/Notes: Enter any notes that will help the person complete the task.

IMPORTANT: Don’t forget to click “save.” You MUST click the “save” button on each symptom you add.

Repeat this process for each symptom/vital you choose. If you want to add items from any of the other Groups, you can repeat these steps as well.

When you’ve added all of the Symptoms and Vitals you want to track, click “review plan” to go to Review.

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Review: Review Your Journal Tracking

Review: In Review, you can view all symptoms and frequencies.

If you need to edit any of the symptoms, click the “Interventions” or “Actions” button in the upper right to take you back to the Actions page. There you can edit any symptom.

That’s it! Your Smart Health Journal is ready. Click the Karen icon in the upper left navigation bar to return to the home screen to see your Smart Journal.

Note: You will start receiving your tracking Reminders in the mobile app the next day.

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