Give Me My Care Instructions on My Mobile Phone!


no_paper_discharge_instructionsIt's 2016. We are in the age of smartphones and information overload. Yet, for the most important instructions we need, those for caring for loved ones, we are still receiving them ON PAPER!  

See if this sounds familiar....

You’re desperate to go home and the discharge nurse is giving you care instructions verbally, then on paper.


At home a few hours later, where are those instructions again? (If you find them) Oh here they are—but what do ostomy, commode, and ambulate mean? Wait, I can’t even do this without spending a ton of money.

Loss, jargon, and hidden costs lead to poor outcomes for your loved ones and avoidable hospital readmissions.

There are 99 reasons we can't be perfect as caregivers, but how we get the instructions CAN’T be one.


Introducing Care3!

Care3 takes your paper care instructions and delivers them as text messages to your smartphone to be shared among family and friends. That's why Care3 has been called the world's first "care-sharing" app.

Here's how Care3 works:

  1. Email us a picture or scan (pdf) of your paper care instructions.
  2. Care3 breaks down the instructions into individual steps sequenced by how often each task needs to be done and by when (all instructions are reviewed by a registered nurse).
  3. You will receive an invitation via email to download the Care3 app from the App Store. Download and sign up. It's FREE!
  4. Like magic, your care instructions become a Conversation and tasks begin to appear as text messages in the order when they need to be completed!
  5. We will also email you a pdf of your itemized care instructions so you have a "paper version" that you can use to see an overview of all care to be delivered. (view sample)

It's high time we had instructions given in a way that's convenient for US. Plain language. Step-by-step. Mobile.

This is the future of care outside of the hospital. This is Care3.


FREE (for a limited time)!

Email us your paper care instructions now! This service is FREE, but only for a limited time. Tap below to send us your instructions.



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