HIPAA Compliance is No Longer Optional for Mobile Messaging

In today's consumer-driven healthcare environment, it's imperative for providers, patients, and families be able to communicate in a HIPAA-compliant manner. Having a patient portal isn't enough. The engagement levels are too low. You need a HIPAA-compliant mobile messaging solution for your communications between staff and with clients and their families. Care3 is the first and only HIPAA-compliant text messaging app available directly to consumers (DTC) with integrated calendar and to-do list features. This means that you can download Care3 directly from the iTunes App Store (iPhone and iPad available) to communicate all health-related information with healthcare professionals, family members and friends with confidence. Your messages will be private, secure, and compliant with the gold standard of communication encryption and data storage.

And before you ask, the answer is yes: Care3 is 100% FREE to download.

What makes Care3 different from other HIPAA-compliant messaging apps?

Simply stated, Care3 is far more than messaging and has a bias toward action.


Care3 includes:

  • HIPAA-compliant messaging to securely communicate with your staff and families.
  • Care Team group conversations to include professionals and family members engaged.
  • Action Messages (patent-pending) to show staff and family members what care tasks need completion and keep track of progress.
  • A full-featured Calendar to review what Actions you have accepted with each day's to-do list included.
  • Invitations that are sent via text message or email just by starting a new conversation.
  • A Starter Care Plan template of common care tasks (fully customizable) for all Care Teams.

Care3 makes you more effective at managing care to get the best outcomes for your patients and families while not compromising privacy, security, and confidentiality while communicating. No other HIPAA-compliant messaging application provides this much functionality--whether a paid app or free. And did we mention Care3 is FREE?

Download and install the FREE Care3 mobile messaging app now! Communicate in compliance with your staff and family clients.