Let's Make This New Year's Resolution Together


As we embark on a new year, and look back at the last, it’s important to recognize that we can’t bring back those we lost. But we can take even better care of those we will have in our lives. Let’s make 2017 a new beginning in how we care for our loved ones.

What You Know That Others Don't

As a member of Care3, you know something that most others don’t when it comes to communicating with family and friends about the health of loved ones:

You know how important it is to protect your loved one’s health information as you’re having text messaging conversations on your mobile device.

Most people still use unsecure apps for healthcare messaging like iMessage, SMS, Facebook Messenger, or WhatsApp. NONE of those apps protect the messages from your device to the cloud AND encrypt the stored data for ultimate security. Having your healthcare messaging conversations on Care3 ensures the protection of any personal health information shared as well as any data stored in the app.

Let's Make This Resolution Together

Let’s make this resolution together: if someone sends you a text message on one of the other messaging apps about the health of family or friends, let them know about Care3. Invite them to the app by starting a new conversation with them. Tell them that it’s not safe to have those kinds of conversations on apps that aren’t secure for healthcare.

If we all do this, then we can provide better care for our loved ones in 2017 by keeping their health information secure, and private from anyone watching while collaborating with family and friends.

In 2017 we will treat our loved ones’ health information with the same love and diligence we use when we care for them.

Share this post with as many people as you can to spread the word. Happy New Year!

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