Our CEO's Caregiving Journey

Everything good in me came from my mother. She almost died giving birth to me. After surviving that, my brother and sister and all our childhood shenanigans, her life was filled with health episodes. You can see her journey below. Her cancers (bowel, liver, lung, breast) permeated her life. Her bipolar disorder fueled her success, but sometimes at great cost. And her COPD and heart failure pushed her decline. My siblings and I were caregivers for our mother for the entirety of our adult lives.





Another personal caregiving journey began when my first child was born. He is my son and namesake, David S. Williams IV. My role as "not only a parent" but active disease caregiver came at 24 months when D4 was diagnosed with severe autism. Now 11 years old, D4 still can't talk, isn't fully potty-trained, but because of our obsessively active treatment, has lost almost half of his autism by measurement. He also exhibits some savant-like intelligence that we are actively feeding for future development. Add all of this and our very inquisitive 8-year old daughter and my wife and I must be supremely organized (we plan everything), well-researched, efficiently active, and perhaps most importantly, willing to bring family and friends we trust in to help us be the best loving and successful parents.

I've created Care3 to help us achieve this goal.

Care3 is the caregiving platform for people who care FOR and ABOUT others. It helps you create a care team, plan care tasks, and easily communicate with everyone. There was no Care3 during my mother's 10 year decline prior to her passing. Hospital discharge plans were given to us on paper. Sure we'd fill the prescription and follow the instructions, but things sometimes fell through the cracks. The care plan wasn't sequenced and delivered to us in a way that could be easily integrated into our busy schedule.

Coordinating activities with others was also difficult because even well-intentioned family and friends didn't know how to help. While we were able to nurse Mom back to a level of health where she lived her final two years in her home, my siblings and I were not local and still found it difficult to coordinate her care. Losing Mom caused a tectonic shift in my life and started the path of recognition that caregiving had to be made easier, communication simpler, coordination more efficient, and activities integrated seamlessly into a caregiver's life. You will find Care3 enables all of that.

If you've taken the time to read this far, you are likely living a similar life situation. I’m more than asking you to sign up for Care3 (iOS and Android). I’m asking you to use it for initiating your most important conversations—those that require confidence, security, and are only shared with those closest to you. Care3 is built to carry conversations about health of loved ones and protect that information as you engage in the action of care, and it’s worthy of having any private conversation.

Care3 isn't for every conversation, just the important ones.

Anytime you want to initiate and have a “safe” conversation and discuss private matters, use Care3. Regular SMS text is not secure and unworthy of your trust when it comes to privacy. Emails get lost in the chaos of daily life. I consider messages on WhatsApp almost semi-public because you can see everyone who is also on that app. Do you trust Facebook or its messaging app to protect your most important and private discussions? But on Care3, you can engage in REAL conversations and they will be responded to with urgency and treated with the utmost privacy. You can discuss anything in small groups or just 1:1.

Thank you in advance for downloading Care3. Use it to communicate with the people closest to you about the things that are truly important--like caring for the people who brought you into this world and the ones you helped bring in it.

Take care,

David S. Williams III Founder and CEO, Care3

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