Your PHI Conversation Is Your Digital Binder of Health Information

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Do you have a binder with your past health history or that of a loved one that you carry with you to appointments? Now you can transfer that paper binder to a “Digital Binder” that goes with you everywhere with Care3. It’s called your PHI Conversation (PHI stands for personal health information). You can add files to your PHI Conversation, share the entire set or any individual element with others whenever you want.

Bookmark this post so you can refer back to it whenever you have to interact with your new PHI Conversation (Digital Binder).

Find Your PHI Conversation (Digital Binder)


1 .  From the Conversations home screen, find the one titled, “(Your First Name)’s PHI”. Tap into it and you will see a blank space. This conversation includes ONLY YOU. When you’re ready, you can invite others to your PHI Conversation.

2. To add items, scroll down to section called, Add Items to Your PHI Conversation.

Create a PHI Conversation for a Loved One


1. To create a PHI Conversation for someone you’re caring for, press the “chat” space icon in the lower right to create the a new Conversation.

2. By tapping the “+” button to Add to Conversation Group, select “Phone or Email” and enter YOUR email you used to create your Care3 account. Tap “save”.



3 .  Enter a Title: “Karen’s PHI” or similar. Adding an Image is optional.




4 .  Tap “done” in the upper right corner.


Your PHI Conversation for someone you’re caring for is now created! You will see it on your home screen with the Title you just entered.  Now let’s start adding some items to your and your loved one’s PHI Conversations.

Add Items to PHI Conversation (Digital Binder)


From Your Mobile Phone (iOS or Android):

To get started, tap into your PHI Conversation or the one you created for your Loved One.

1 .  Tap the “+” button in the lower left corner to show the media menu.

2.  Tap the camera icon to add a photo or take a new photo. Tap “Choose Existing” to select an image from your Camera Roll or “Capture Image” to take a new picture.   

3. Once you’ve added or taken the image, it appears in the message box. Type a description of the image. Use keywords like “labs” that will make it easy to search for the image later when you need it. Tap the “send” button (airplane).

4.   View your item in your PHI Conversation. The image is saved on our HIPAA-compliant cloud server.

From Your Computer:

1. Go to and log in using your Care3 credentials (email and password).

2. Click (select) your PHI Conversation or the one you set up for your Loved One.

This is your PHI Conversation. Notice the “+” icon in the Conversation at the bottom.

This is your PHI Conversation. Notice the “+” icon in the Conversation at the bottom.

3. In the right section, tap the “+” icon to reveal “add media” menu. Select “file upload”.

Tapping the “+” icon reveals the media menu.

Tapping the “+” icon reveals the media menu.

4. Then select the file you wish to add to your PHI Conversation and click the “Open” button.

4a. You can also drag and drop files directly from your computer’s directory into the PHI Conversation.

Click “Open” or simply drag/drop the file to your PHI Conversation.

Click “Open” or simply drag/drop the file to your PHI Conversation.

In the dialog box that appears, write a description of the file. Adding a description makes it easy to search and find later.

That’s it! Repeat these steps for every item you want to have with you everywhere you go. With Care3, you now have access to your personal health information from anywhere at anytime.

Invite Others to Your PHI Conversation


1 .  To invite someone (family, friend, doctor, nurse, etc.) to your PHI Conversation, tap the “members” icon in the upper right corner. 


2 .  Tap the “add member” icon in the lower left corner. It’s the one with the “+” sign.

Steps 3, 4, and 5 appear above.

Steps 3, 4, and 5 appear above.

3 .  Tap “Add to Conversation” and select from the menu how you’d like to add the member. Most people choose “Add E-mail of Phone Number”.

4 .  Add the person’s email address OR phone number—or select from your Contacts—or select from an existing Care Team. Make sure you tap “History Access” or “Conversation History” to enable it. This means you give access to all files and information shared in your PHI Conversation to the person you invite.

5 .  Tap “save” and an invitation is automatically sent!


Now you have invited someone to your PHI Conversation (Digital Binder)! You can also send text and media messages about your healthcare to the person you invited after they join your PHI Conversation.

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