The Big Problems for Home Infusion Providers & How Care3 Can Solve Them

by Amina Gass

Let’s face it being a home infusion provider is not easy, you often struggle with the complexities of care tasks, communication barriers, and oh yeah using the archaic mode of faxing over all of your paperwork.  What if I were to tell you that there’s a new technology out there that can make your life so EASY and all you had to do was just click and download?

Care3 is HIPAA compliant and uses mobile and social technologies to digitize and distribute care plans to community providers, patients, and family caregivers to coordinate care outside of the hospital.

Let’s take a step back and discuss the problem methods of home infusion therapy and see how Care3 can help solve them!

#1 Communication Barriers

Home Infusion providers face many challenges with communication. Whether you’re trying to call your patient (who may not even be the right point of contact) to schedule an appointment or waiting forever to get a hold of other care team members all increases frustration and we’re here to help! Using Care3’s secure messaging platform provides the ability to send in, report, and respond to all members of the care team.

#2 Care Complexities

Care plans can be very challenging. You have so much on your plate from juggling multiple patients with all different medication schedules to assisting with skilled nursing services, daily living, wound care, and much more.  It’s a lot of work and here’s how Care3 can make you successful:

  • Collaborate - Patient monitoring just became a lot more seamless! Care3 enables Caregivers to write, track, monitor, set reminders followed up with all members of the care team to produce the highest quality of care.
  • Protect - With Care3, consumers can store Personal Health Information (PHI), share PHI, and interact with healthcare professionals without going to another, unsafe platform.
  • Organize - Medication management is HARD! Care3 helps solve this for you by safely documenting each patient medication regime inside our app.

Oh, and did I  mention NO MORE FAXING!  

Let Care3 help you by offering a solution that no one else can solve and that’s right at your finger-tips. Care3 produces fast secure messaging and makes caregiving easy by sharing tasks.

Work Smarter, Not Harder in 2017!

To learn more about how Care3 can help you and your company schedule a demo today!