The Importance of the "Done" Button


Successful caregiving depends on having the goals set and the tasks (medications, ADLs, etc.) laid in a routine that you can follow every single day. The faster you get into that routine, that groove, the better your caregiving will be and the better your loved one will feel. To help you get into your caregiving groove fast, we’ve created a Starter Care Plan of eight (8) common care tasks that you can enter into Care3 as sequenced Actions. You can accept the Actions yourself or your Care Team can help out.

But once you receive these Actions, you must accept them—and more importantly, complete them! Once you’ve completed an action, you may just let one person know that it’s done outside of the app. Care3 has an easy way to notify everyone that an Action is complete: the “done” button.


The "Done" Button

In the detail of each accepted Action, you’ll see the “done” button tantalizing you at the bottom. Tapping this button automatically sends a message to everyone in the conversation, notifying them that you completed the Action.

It’s that easy. Give it a try!

Tapping the “done” button is important because it notifies everyone simultaneously that the Action is complete, and also visually verifies that the action is done. This means that there will be no confusion as to whether the action was complete and you don’t have to notify multiple people with multiple calls or texts to let them know you’ve done the job.

So for all Actions that you accept, don’t forget to tap the “done” button. It’s easy to do—and important for everyone on your Care Team.

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