The Latest Care3 Update is a Big One!


The latest version of the Care3 mobile app has just been released to the App Store and it's a big one! Your feedback has led to two major improvements:Care3Welcome

Care3 now supports Multiple Care Teams You can now create and participate on multiple care teams with a different role within each. You can be the primary family caregiver for your mom’s care team while also serving a Family/Friend role on your uncle’s care team.

Care3 is HIPAA-compliant The entire Care3 platform - including messages and media on your phone, in transit, and in storage - are all protected per HIPAA standards. Care3 is the first and ONLY messaging app available directly to consumers that meets this high standard of privacy and security.

The new update should push automatically to your iPhone or go to the App Store to download the new version. We invite your feedback on your experience using Care3.

Thanks for caring,

The Care3 Team