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Dear Care3 Members,

The recent WannaCry ransomware attack received global attention because of its widespread impact on multiple countries and industry data. What wasn’t reported was that the healthcare industry was a prime target of the attack..

Care3 takes the security of your health conversations and data very seriously. Care3 was unaffected by the attack and have had zero hacking incidents in the history of our company.

The danger posed by hackers to global healthcare information systems is at a critical point. According to a recent article in Fortune titled,Why Health Care Is Especially Vulnerable to Ransomware Attacks, here’s why:

Outdated medical systems are woefully unprepared to deal with a new class of criminals willing to hold patients' medical data, credit card numbers, and other personal information hostage barring a big payout. In fact, the FBI has issued several stark warnings about the unique and growing threat ransomware presents to health care companies specifically in the past few months.

And consider this from the same article:

There are some obvious reasons that make the medical sector such an enticing target for criminals. For one, health information is simultaneously intensely personal, accompanied by crucial financial information, and universal—after all, health care consumerism isn't so much a choice as it is an ontological necessity of being a human.

This emerging security threat is one of the main reasons we built Care3 with such high levels of security—AND why we want you to have the ability to control your own health data and that of your loved ones you care for. Healthcare Tech Outlook has recognized us a Most Promising Healthcare App because we give you and your family the power to control your own data in interactions with health professionals.

Electronic health records are controlled by health providers and your access is limited. With Care3, you control access to all of the data shared in your conversations, including medications, images, video, audio, appointment dates, care tasks, and any text conversations around the care that you have with your family and close friends. This is all vital information for the health of your loved ones and should be directly under your control. Care3 gives you that control.

We urge you to continue using Care3 for your most important health conversations and for sharing healthcare data between family members and any health professionals you’re working with. Care3 keeps your health information under your control and protected from the rising threat to healthcare industry systems.

It’s our pledge to help you care for your loved ones and that includes protecting your personal health information.

Take care,

David S. Williams III

Co-Founder & CEO

Care3, Inc.

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