Karen for Enterprise: Medical and Social Care


You want to deliver your highest quality service to patients. The problem is, you and your team are not scalable. You also need to make sure you’re addressing social determinants of health and you need a system that brings the medical and social care teams together.

Karen helps you expand your care program capacity so you can reach more people. Karen currently works with MLTSS, PACE, IPAs, FQHCs and other home and community-based care programs to enable collaboration across all disciplines in medical and social care.

How? Karen enables you to put each person on a a smart journal—a chronological set of tasks, tracking items, and communications, collecting real-time data for effective and responsive care. Karen monitors the progress of the journal over time and notifies you only when your intervention is needed. Karen optimizes your time and integrates all key stakeholders with full visibility on individual and population outcomes.


Karen Platform for Social Determinants of Health 

Karen is a simple, yet deep collaborative platform for communications, planning and real-time tracking. 


Smart Journals

Karen enables your team to build ONE single engagement plan (Smart Journal) for care programs (e.g., Whole Person Care) addressing the social determinants of health (SDOH) by providing collaborative work space for each provider on your interdisciplinary and cross-functional team to itemize activities to be completed in the home, day center, or out in the community. 

Smart Journals include:

  • Itemized task lists created by discipline and need. Disciplines include:

    • Primary Care Providers and other Physicians (including Dentistry)

    • Nursing

    • Social Work and Case Management

    • Physical and Occupational Therapy

    • Recreation and Exercise

    • Diet and Nutrition

    • Home Care and Housing

    • Transportation

    • Legal / Criminal Justice (coming soon)

    • Financial (coming soon)

  • Medication reminders and adherence tracking

  • Symptoms and Vitals data tracking 

  • Activities of Daily Living reminders and tracking

  • Appointment scheduling and reminders


Karen tracks all action plan activities in real-time at point-of-care. 

Alerts & Notifications

Karen creates notifications of care completion and alerts when care is NOT completed so you can intervene.

Analytics & Reporting

Karen automatically generates longitudinal reports highlighting barriers so they can be addressed with unprecedented speed to maximize outcomes.


Karen Mobile

Communication is essential to any team caring for patients and interacting with family caregivers. Karen makes that connection easy and powerful with our HIPAA-compliant secure messaging mobile app.


Karen Mobile Powers Interactions

  • Photo taking and sharing

  • Incident Reporting (falls, hospitalizations, etc.)

  • Group messaging with care team and families

  • Individual Task sharing and tracking

  • Staff-to-staff messaging

  • Staff-to-patient/family messaging

  • Video conversations (asynchronous)

  • Audio recording



What Our Customers Say

“This is it. Karen will change everything for Medicaid recipients and their families.”
- Mario Molina, MD - Dean, Claremont Graduate School of Medicine. Former Chairman and CEO, Molina Healthcare


“I am in contact with families that we were never able to reach before”
- PACE Social Worker


“Care3 has truncated the provision of service, the communication of that service to participant and family and the documentation of that service down to minutes from days.”
- PACE Program Manager


“Care3 will help us grow our PACE program.”
- PACE Administrator


“The families find it easier to ask for refills via text.”
- PACE Medical Assistant


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