How Care3 Works: Plan Conversations


Care3 uses the three (3) main elements of communication – text, media, and data – to create ongoing digital “Conversations” between patients, family and care providers, all derived from a single integrated Care Plan. Care3 Plan Conversations include not only text messaging, but appointments, task-sharing, symptoms and vitals tracking, and real-time incident reporting. It’s as simple to use as sending a text.

No longer are interactions with doctors limited to what can be remembered during the visit. With Care3, the conversation continues, improving access to care for patients and delivering real-world data on treatment effectiveness for providers.

To get the most out of Karen, you will consistently do the following to understand, document and share your journey:

  1. Upload your personal health files to your digital binder

  2. Track symptoms, vitals, and incidents over time

  3. Manage medications, appointments, and care tasks

  4. Selectively share your health data with family, friends, and care professionals

  5. Use text, video, audio, and images to visually capture and describe your health experience

That all may seem like a lot—but that’s what you’re doing already. Karen helps you put all of the information in one place so it’s there when you need it. Karen helps you share that information when necessary, especially in emergencies. With the Karen mobile app, you can access your digital binder information and send text messages with others securely and privately to keep them in the loop.

Uploading your personal health files

With Karen, you can drag and drop files directly from your computer into your digital binder.

  1. Drag each file into the binder area.

  2. Write a description of the file using keywords (e.g. labs, date, etc.)

  3. Click “upload”.

Your file appears in your digital binder. Repeat this for all files.

Note: It’s important to do this one at a time because adding the description will help you find the files later using the search function.

Track Incidents and Symptoms

Karen makes it easy to track symptoms and incidents in your digital binder.

  1. Tap the “plus” icon

  2. Select Incident Report

  3. Select the Type of Incident and Severity

  4. Fill out the rest of the form

  5. Click save and see the Incident Report in your digital binder

  6. Click “View History” to see a real-time chart

  7. Repeat each time you want to track that symptom/incident

Each time you track the incident/symptom, you’re adding to the chart so you have a record. To track even more symptoms and vitals, check out our “Power User” section on “Tracking Symptoms and Vitals”.