Our approach is to take a holistic view of consumer journey directly impacting the social determinants of health (SDOH). Karen enables interdisciplinary teams across SDOH to collaborate with patients/members and their families on care planning for each Conversation.s are held with the utmost privacy.

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Send group text messages to keep everyone in the loop on care needs and events. Use media (photos, video, audio) to provide context for family and care providers about your experiences in each Conversation. All text and media are stored and encrypted on our HIPAA-compliant secure servers and will only be downloaded to your device with your permission.


Data & Alerts.

Chart data by tracking symptoms and events on an Incident Report. Care3 charts data in real-time for easy viewing and sharing with others. View Charts by week and month to see trends and share with your care team. If care is not followed according to plan, Care3 alerts the Care Team for fast intervention to avoid emergency visits and hospitalizations.