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Karen: Your Digital Health Journal

Karen makes it easy to create your own digital health journal. Your Karen Health Journal helps you interpret your experiences to make better decisions for yourself and those you care for.

Track Health. See What Works. Live Better.

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Karen can help you on your health journey…

I am a caregiver for one or more people…

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Your Karen Health Journal helps you manage care for your loved ones and for yourself. Track symptoms, vitals, and events, and share care tasks with others.

I am having an episode… 


Karen helps you execute your recovery plan by setting task reminders each day of your recovery period. It’s simple and quick to create your automated journal.


My journey includes one or more chronic conditions…

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Karen helps you create a journal that includes your experiences across all conditions at once. Chart symptoms and vitals, report incidents like headaches, falls, seizures and other episodes so you remember them when you meet with your care team.

I am healthy…


Karen gives you space to store your personal health information files. You can also track symptoms and incidents to get a baseline view of your health.



Karen (fka Care3) has been recognized for its innovation in healthcare technology, information and communication.