Yes, you CAN get your family to help with caregiving. Here's how.


We know caring for others is hard--and sometimes you just need some help. The Care3 Way is based on families working together to care for loved ones--but we know that's sometimes, um, difficult. Whether it's lack of time, interest, personality clashes, or not knowing how to help, Care3 aims to engage those family members to get you the help you need by giving them convenient ways to help. Every task you can take off your plate gives you more time. How you use that time, we can't help with, but we know you'll figure it out.Care3 has a three-step process to get you prepare your family to collaborate on care and communicate progress with a text or a tap. It's called our Starter Care Plan.


How to Activate Your Starter Care Plan


Step 1: Invite Your Care Team

of trusted Family & Friends

Tap the

Care Teams

 icon in the upper right corner of the home "Conversations" screen and then tap the Add Care Team button (shown on left) to Create a Care Team. Choose your Role ("Primary" is recommended) and tap "next" to go to the Invite screen. Add Care Team members by tapping "+" and entering emails, phone numbers, or device Contacts.

Tap "save" to send the invitations. The app then takes you to

Starter Care Plan



Step 2: Activate Your Starter Care Plan

of Common Care Tasks

Tap “get started” in the

Starter Care Plan

dialog box (appears right after you invite your Care Team). Review the tasks in your Daily and Weekly Activities lists. To add more activities, tap "add" in either Daily or Weekly sections and fill out the form. This is where you can add any items that are easy and convenient for others to do. Don't make excuses. Just add them. To remove activities, simply tap the check box to de-select.

Preparation complete. You're ready!

Tap the "start plan" button to activate. Each of your tasks, called


appear in your new care Conversation. Now you or any Care Team member can tap "accept" on any Action to let everyone know that they will complete it. Watch them accept the tasks that are easy for them to do. That's the point! Make sure you send a "Welcome" text to the Care Team!

Step 3: View and Complete Actions

 in My Actions Calendar

Now you can care for your loved one as a team. All accepted Actions are added to My Action Calendar. Tap the calendar icon on the home "Conversations" screen to view your Actions to-do list by date. When you complete an Action, tap the Action in the list and tap the "done" button at the bottom of the screen. This is VERY important because it notifies the Care Team that it was complete. Everyone wants to know!

This is how you get the most out of Care3. Thank you for choosing Care3 to help you care for your loved ones. Questions or comments? Contact us anytime at

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