Family Engagement Brings Results


Where do most incidents occur that lead to costly emergency visits and hospitalizations? It’s not inside the PACE center. It’s at home. To make your PACE program its best, you have to engage participant families.

The Karen (fka Care3) award-winning system provides a unique and highly engaging communication and tracking experience for your participant family members. When they’re engaged, you directly influence care delivered outside of the center. That way you reduce the risk of incidents leading to emergency visits and hospitalizations. Your PACE program can achieve superior results. Check out just how superior below.


Karen (fka Care3) worked with a leading PACE program to evaluate how text messaging combined with care planning could improve communications with participant family members and influence care in the home to drive outcomes.

Click to download white paper summary.

Click to download white paper summary.

Karen (fka Care3) directly led to a per-month reduction in Level 2 falls of 5% over the course of six months resulting in cost savings of $640 per participant per month—generating an extraordinary 20x ROI.

Karen also increased care plan adherence by 68%, helping IDT and participant family members improve frequency and quality of care.

Are you ready to take control of participant care even when they’re not in the center? Karen makes it possible. Request a Deep Dive and in only 30 minutes, we can show you how to use Karen to engage participant families, streamline IDT operations and reduce costly ED visits and hospitalizations.

Karen uses mobile technology and algorithms to improve the ability of the IDT to influence care delivered at home and reduce the financial risk of negative outcomes.

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