Senior Care PACE: Workarounds Shouldn't Be Workflows

Hello, we’re back with another installment of PACE3. One of the most commonly discussed subjects between Care3 and our PACE partners has been about home care. How can we make home care services a strategic advantage?

We’ve spoken with several PACE organizations about how they track home care services. Here’s what we’ve heard. Similar to other challenges, the hard work and dedication of IDT members has resulted in some creative workflows to help manage home care providers.

“We update changes to a care plan by leaving a voicemail with the home care provider.” - Home Care Manager

“I have an Excel sheet that I created to track home care activities for each participant.” - PACE Home Care Coordinator

“Our PCAs are required to come back into the center every week to record their encounters and care task detail into the EHR.” - PACE Center Manager

When the system relies on phones, faxes, and paper it can result in bad outcomes. Because home care is such an essential component of PACE, Care3 has been working with programs to improve overall accountability and efficiency of home care for PACE.

With Care3, you can send home care and home health providers real-time updates to the care plan, receive automatic EVV-ready documentation on the care provided, and use location tagging to ensure services are delivered.