#Care3How2 - Answers to Questions in Seconds is Infectious


In this #Care3How2 installment, find out how one Action can lead to another and another. You could say it's the "infectious" nature of caring. Beyond making it easy to get help with specific tasks and errands, Care3 can also help you gather information and advice from your care team, such as when illness strikes or there’s something you need to figure out quickly. Both caregivers and the loved ones they’re caring for can use Care3 messages to ask questions and receive answers in real time. People respond almost immediately to text messages so sending a request this way is likely to get people to act more quickly.

Recommended Actionsipad-1-care3-messagingGive a RideVisit Your Loved OneAdd AppointmentPick Up MedicineGet AnswersBuy SomethingDo Something

Here’s an example to help illustrate. Imagine you’ve set up an Care Team for your beloved Aunt Leigh, an active senior who lives alone in the suburbs of your city. Aunt Leigh has recently come down with some sort of flu, and she’s unsure what daytime flu medications would be best for her symptoms. Since you’re swamped at work, you want to message your care team for their recommendations.

To do that, you simply create an Action Message in your Care Team conversation. From there you'll be prompted to enter your Action title (“Give me daytime flu med recommendations”) and you can add any additional notes on her symptoms or active ingredients that she has to avoid due to potential interactions with her other meds. You can then select whom the message goes to, everyone on the team or just select individuals.

Within minutes (or seconds!), various family members have chimed in with their battle-tested advice and suggested flu remedies. Cousin Simon has even offered to pick up the medicine he swears by at the pharmacy (there's that C-Commerce again) and bring it to Aunt Leigh at lunch. One Action generated another. Actions are infectious, right? Thus, neither you nor Aunt Leigh has to figure this out alone or worry about getting to the store. Your care team has her back, and now that they know she’s sick, they can check in on her as she recovers from this nasty bug and resumes her busy, independent lifestyle.